My Secret Closet Wardrobe

My top five designer hand bags of all time!

Ahh. Designer bags. Many people don’t understand why they’re so special. Let me tell you why.

1-They’re status symbols. Enough said. People don’t wear Louis Vuitton bags because of the world-famous monogram design. They wear it because it is an LV.

2-The quality is fantastic. I don’t use the word fantastic often, but seriously, the smell and suppleness of the leather, the well-made hardware on the bag, and strength yet delicacy of a designer handbag is something worth paying for. It’s almost like an investment.

3-They go with everything. Like I said in reason number two, buying a real handbag IS an investment, simply because most designer bags match anything you wear and most can be worn during the day or night time.

So here is my top ten (In no particular order):

1- Hermes Clemence Leather Palladium Plated Birkin Bag


2- Chanel Quilted Leather Bag with Chain


3- Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy


4- Celine Luggage Bag (Large)


5- Celine Trapeze Bag


Which one is your favorite? Please let me know below 🙂


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